Career mode has had a visual makeover to bring

  • Career mode has FIFA 23 Coins had a visual makeover to bring it in line with the other aspects of the game however, it is played largely like before. As an opponent, there's now RPG-style points to be earned according to your actions on and off the pitch, plus you can choose to take on the character of coaches and players from the real world rather than building your own completely from scratch.

    What makes less sense is the ongoing attempts by career mode to have you play less football. EA already included a load of training elements that felt like admin in the past, but now you can choose to play highlights of games rather than the full 90 minutes. When it comes to football, it's slightly baffling.

    FIFA might not be the perfect game to showcase the potential of your console, however there are some interesting updates to 23 that will help you increase your feeling of real-world realism just a little more, whether it's how the goal net ripples or the way sliding tackles can cause the pitch to break up over the course of 90 minutes.

    EA is determined to showcase the positive impact of its HyperMotion2 motion-capture tech, which helps players' movements appear more authentic. This year, it's been applied to females as well as for the men, and while the physical differences are not as evident as they can be with male players, it's an additional step in making women's game less of a token inclusion.

    There's still a ways ahead, however. Addition of Women's Super League and France's Division 1 Feminine takes the number of teams to 41, however they're not able to play as in every mode, with career mode and FUT among the biggest gaps.

    FIFA 23 is more authentic than everbefore, however, when you start your career as AFC Richmond from Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso, but not as FUT 23 buy Coins Chelsea or Arsenal's women's clubs There's certainly potential to improve.