Super Vilitra : For Perfect Cure Erection

  • Super Vilitra contains a blend of Vardenafil 20mg and Dapoxetine 60mg which helps to support and maintain an erection during labor or actual s*xual intercourse and premature discharge. It also helps improve blood circulation in the penis, to give extreme pleasure during s*xual intercourse. Even though these are viable drugs.

    What is Super Vilitra?

    Vilitra  40mg is an allopathic medicine that can help you survive dual s*xual problems. There is a unique blend of two generic substances that have been designed and worked together in the right proportions to give you good dual problem benefits.

    Many men suffer from lack of erections and premature ejaculation at the same time, which can be cured with the use of Super Vilitra.

    Using pills from this category means you can get effective healing mechanisms to start today to help you have a better erection and more control over ejaculation.

    Super Vilitra Composition

    As we mentioned earlier, the uniqueness of Super Vilitra tablets lies in their unique composition. You see, Super Vilitra pills contain two generic substances instead of one.

    Among them is vardenafil, which acts as a powerful PDE-5 hormone inhibitor to cure poor quality erections and increase the volume of blood flow to the penile tissues to cause erection hardness.

    On the other hand, you also have Dapoxetine which can help relieve premature ejaculation. This means that you can now better control when you ejaculate and reach orgasm.

    Super Vilitra How it works

    Super Vilitra contains two generic ingredients, one to give you harder erections and the other to prevent premature ejaculation.

    Let us briefly describe the working principles of the two generic substances here.
    Vardenafil, which is an inhibitor of the PDE-5 hormone to cause erections, initiates its process by first reducing the function and secretion of PDE-5 hormones. Vilitra 60mg leads to increased blood flow to the p*nis as vasodilation actions begin on the arteries and blood vessels.

    The second generic ingredient, dapoxetine, is a powerful SSRI inhibitor, which means there are now more amounts of the selective hormone serotonin in your brain, giving you better control over your ejaculations.

    Super Vilitra How to take

    Unlike the working principle of Super Vilitra, the procedure for taking the pills is very simple.

    Just as you have taken all of your oral pills so far, Super Vilitra pills must be taken and ingested orally.

    What you need to do is take one Super Vilitra 80mg pill and then simply swallow it down the supply line with some water.

    Remember that at the stage of oral intake, any consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs prior to ingestion of Super Vilitra pills is considered to cause conflicting instant side effects, some of which may be fatal.


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