Fixing negative inventory issues in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Do you need to address the problem related to negative inventory in your QuickBooks Desktop? The term "negative inventory" indicates that the inventory count shows that there are less than zero items in stock. The meticulous tracking of inventory using various accounting approaches, computer systems, etc. leads to the temporary inventory state. The current blog shall visit the various fixes for negative inventory issues in QuickBooks desktop.


    Procedure for troubleshooting Negative Inventory Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

    • Click on the "Reports" option in the menu.

    • Then, from the list of options, choose "Inventory Valuation Detail.

    • Mark "All" in the "Dates" Scroll down the report until you find each item with a negative amount in the "On hand" column. Change the date on the bills.

    • Repeat the steps again, but this time, add the negative amount.

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