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  • YouTube is a video-sharing website. It makes it easy to watch video’s online. A person can also create and upload their own videos on the website with others. From its development in 2005 to present, the site has grown to become one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world. YouTube also has an option of subscribers and Views. Subscribers are those viewers who when click the subscribe button indicate that they want to see more content from that particular person’s channel. View means the number of times a particular video has been watched.

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    A channel has to have more than 1000 subscribers to make money. It is not easy to start a channel on YouTube or to get subscribers immediately, especially in the present vast competition. Therefore one can buy subscribers and views on the channel. There are safe ways to buy them because if you are not careful your account might be banned. There are legitimate and organic ways as well.

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    So why people buy YouTube subscriber and views, its simple to understand if you want to start something you have to sell your things and for that, you have to be your first buyer to known by the customers. Buying viewer and subscriber make your profile more attractive.

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    Like, if you are a struggling singer, comedian, cook, hairstylist anything and thinking or to start something on YouTube so your network should be big but if your network is small so it is difficult to catch by peoples, and it's very important to develop your network for that simple way is to buy your subscriber and viewer, that will help you to look at your channel most popular and that will help you to get your real subscribers.

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    The real subscribers are only you are earning which you got from your fake subscriber or paid subscribers, how do you get the paid subscriber, so it is as simple as the way you find this article by googling it the same way you have to google it with one click you will get the number of websites who help you to buy subscribers and viewers. The thing is you have to choose how much you want to spend buying subscribers. This should be in your budget and economical.

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    Some good plans have pros so it has cons also, and the downfall is your bought subscriber which will not always help means after getting views and subscription you have to improve your business with some attractive videos according to your audience comments, comments help you to understand the people's demand, do read and reply the comments to attract the people to make the real subscriber of your channel.

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    People like and give attention when in the YouTube channel host replying to them, so make the videos according to people demands and their like, dislike and mention their names like their comments this is helpful strategies to get attention and to get the real subscriptions, later you can show your talent and work, and making the catchy video for your viewer is also the talent and it is necessary to survive in the digital world.

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    Because Google has some policy against the buying subscriber and viewers, after some time your bought subscribers and viewer will be removed not early but eventually, before that you have to earn real subscriber of your channel who likes and appreciate your work.

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    Last but not the least, all the above-mentioned circumstances will help you to understand how to begin with your work but you have to always aware of the new policy, rumours, and also the fake policy and fake subjects which can affect your work. And you have to know where your channel is standing, you don’t have to make your channel empty a day for your progress otherwise.

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    it can be buried under the popular channels and the content of videos are always encouraging and attention full, presentation and tagline and the quality of videos also matter all these things are very important to be in the race of the digital world.

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    Reasons to buy YouTube Subscribers and Views:
    There can be many reasons for a person to buy subscribers and views. Some of them are listed below:
    Your channel starts looking more popular.
    You gain ‘real subscribers’.
    Not much effort is required from your part.
    It proves to be of great help in promoting your videos to a targeted audience.
    It makes your task easy.

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    Advantages of buying YouTube subscribers and views:

    There are many ways of buying YouTube subscribers and views. If it is done right one can receive great advantage from them. But it should be done in the right way and carefully otherwise you might face consequences. Some of these advantages are listed below:
    It is a great way to build your business.
    It will result in the growth of your channel.
    Your watch time will also be affected by being raised.

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    The higher ranking gives you more exposure.
    Your video gets great visibility.
    You get new organic subscribers.
    It improves the credibility of your video.
    It also makes you look popular on the channel.
    They get your status.
    They get you more sponsors as they are appealing.
    Subscribers get you monetised.
    It doesn’t cost much.

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    Disadvantages of buying YouTube subscribers and views:
    Buying YouTube subscribers and views is very advantageous but it also has some disadvantages. They are:
    It is very difficult to differentiate between genuine and fake service givers. One might get scammed easily.
    Your subscribers might be from random locations and they may be an irrelevant audience.
    There are many service providers that provide low-quality subscribers.
    You might sometimes get bots or fake subscribers.
    You have to be careful that the service you use provides you with real users.

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    There is always an advantage and disadvantage of things. Nothing is one-sided. What you should never forget is that you have some responsibilities towards your audience. Buying subscribers and views gives a start to your career. It does not mean you should just sit and enjoy. Your audience is smarter than you. If you don’t work hard to keep them interested in your channel they might unsubscribe you, therefore buy subscribers and views but also make an effort in your field and you will have a flourishing and thriving account on YouTube.