The more time it has been to the launch of Youtube, the more complicated and competitive it is to survive and grow on Youtube.


    Even after consistent efforts in making videos, you are still not able to progress and get channel exposure?

    This is the time to come up with strategies to drive traffic to your channel and get more subscribers. Don’t sweat it because we have got you covered. By the end of this article, you’ll discover one of the best-proven ways to pull-in traffic to your channel and get more subscribers.


    Top ways to drive traffic to your channel


    Metadata Optimization: Before answering how to optimize, first let us understand what Metadata is. Metadata defines your video that includes video title, description, and tags. Optimization of these things is necessary.

    • Video titles should be short, descriptive and creative. Add relevant keywords in the first half of the title. Clickbait title can damage your channel’s reputation. So, it should not be used. 

    • Video descriptions should be lengthy with many rich keywords in it. The first 1-2 description lines of the video are displayed on the search page. So, make sure it be entertaining, creative and enjoyable to read for the viewers. Moreover, you can add links to other videos and social media accounts, credits, other necessary information for the viewers, etc here.

    • Video Tags should be relevant, with high-search volumes. Use specific and generic tags accordingly.


    Update these things from time-to-time according to statistics, trends, and popularity. You can use TubeBuddy, Rapidtags, VidIQ, Google Keyword Planner, etc to optimize metadata. This way you can increase your subscriber count. It requires patience and time to get popular on Youtube but there are other ways also that can help you rank high faster. One of the ways used commonly in India is to Buy Youtube Subscribers (http://www.buyyoutubesubscribers.in/). It is a 100% safe, legal and speedy way. They provide you with different packages and guaranteed results. No bot and real, active subscribers. 


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    Quality: Quality is the king here, be it video quality, editing quality, thumbnail or any quality related to the video. Even if you are a beginner, you still need a decent camera, microphone and a tripod stand because good investment now gives greater returns in the future. But if you are not able to afford the expensive stuff, you still need to focus to make clean videos with a good background. Edit and render the videos in high-quality. Even the thumbnail should be customized, eye-catching and of high-quality. 


    Youtube video editing software like Filmora, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, etc should be used. For quality photo editing for thumbnail, icon, and cover: Canva, Fotor, Snappa, etc should be used.


    There are various other ways to pull-in traffic to your channel like


    • Use Call-to-Action at the end of every video. Use Cards and End-Screens too.

    • Create a well-organized Playlists.

    • You can even create a trailer for your channel as an introductory, short welcome video for the viewers.

    • You can Collab with other Youtubers working in the same field or other.

    • Livestream and connect with the audience.

    • Research and Experiment usually.

    • Promote your video.

    • You can even buy subscribers and views. Many websites let you Buy Youtube Subscribers India (http://www.buyyoutubesubscribers.in/subscribers/) at affordable rates. Real and active subscribers that can enhance the reputation of your channel. It is a safe and the fastest way to get subscribers in a short time. An increase in active subscribers leads to an increase in watch-time consequently leading to improvement in Youtube ranking of your channel.


    The above-provided techniques were the common ways to get traffic that every Youtuber needs to follow and use. Best of luck Youtubers!


    “Optimize the way you work to Rank Higher”