Youtube Subscribers

  • From its humble beginnings in a small office in a small Californian city, YouTube (visit here) has gone on to become one of the most widely used apps globally. Launched by three PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, YouTube was bought by Google, now Alphabet, for a whopping $1.65 billion in 2006. YouTube, home to the short video - a prevalent format in today’s media landscape- now experiences 500 hours of content upload every minute. And it is the user, the subscribers (check here) who make YouTube what it is: the world’s biggest content platform, and arguably, the biggest social media platform.

    Its range of user-friendly features like the viewer ratings, the below the line comments, voice recognition, the ability to regulate what it shows the subscriber (visit for more) is the reason YouTube has achieved worldwide popularity and magnanimous success.

    One billion hours of YouTube content is viewed every day. It currently counts 2 billion active users, which accounts for about 45% of the world’s entire online population. The most subscribed channel on YouTube is T-Series, Pewdiepie being a close second. But what exactly are YouTube Subscribers (know more)?

    Simply put, the people or accounts who have subscribed to your channel are your subscribers (read more). These accounts have chosen to follow you and your content; these people constitute perhaps the most dedicated audience that you have. A subscriber (for information) can essentially become your fan, watching, “liking” and commenting on your videos. Hence, your subscriber is also your potential promotional agent. A subscriber (read here) who raves about you and the kind of content you make can unconsciously conduct a word of the mouth campaign that will lead to more views, more hits, and more shares.

    Every time you upload content you will appear on their feed first. Your subscribers (for more) are the people who are most likely going to watch your videos. This does not necessarily mean that your views will equal your subscriber (further info) count; they can be more, or unfortunately, less. The reason behind this is the YouTube algorithm.

    To be user friendly, YouTube has now made a viewer's feed a combination of content from accounts it has subscribed to and YouTube's predictions based on the watch history. This, at times, means that a channel that one has subscribed (further details) to but hasn’t watched for days gets pushed to the bottom of YouTube’s prediction. Hence, content creators have to work twice as hard to produce engaging, fresh content and promote it in the best way possible.

    In order to create a powerful digital community, it is essential to develop a strong subscriber base. A solid foundation in the audience means greater visibility. The three most basic rules to maintain and increase your subscriber (learning more) count are:

    Be regular with your content. Formulate a posting schedule.
    Be meaningful. Your content will fall flat if viewers don’t have any valuable takeaway.
    Be entertaining. You need to be different from the ordinary to stay relevant.

    Once these three has become your way of YouTube life, you can focus on the following:
    1. The most obvious way to increase your subscribers (find out more) is to ask for them. It might seem silly, but asking and pointing out why and how one can subscribe is supremely essential.
    2. Use annotations. Do you know the little colourful speech bubble that appears on your video? Link it to your subscribe page so that viewers can subscribe to your channel with an easy click.
    3. Collaborate. Collaborate with popular channels and creators and use them as leverage.
    4. Embed your channel link in your blog if you have one.
    5. Interact with your subscribers (for details) and viewers. It creates goodwill and powers a sense of community. Also, comment, like, and share on other channels. In short, make your presence felt.
    6. Create a pay-off. Set yourself a target and share something you will do once you read that many subscribers (get to know more). It could be anything from a giveaway to an exciting collaboration, or even a crazy challenge trending on the internet.

    Lastly, remember Rome was not built in a day and neither was YouTube. YouTube might have become our most accessible source of entertainment now, but back when it was launched, it was another one of those out of the box ideas three friends came up with. You need to work hard and think differently. Put your creative cells to smart work and you will definitely reap benefits as the YouTube founders did.