distinguish the true in addition to false of insulating glass?

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    With the development on the domestic glass processing industry and the deepening of people's perception of the excellent performance with insulating glass, the job application range of insulating glass is expanding. In addition to being popular in glass curtain wall, automobile and aircraft, it's got begun to enter that ordinary. The home from the people.

    This is mainly because the application of insulated glass factory can improve the heat insulation and sound insulation effect of doors and windows, so how the door and window products besides can shelter from breeze and rain, but have got significant energy-saving effects, reducing the price tag on winter heating and summer months cooling.
    The application of insulating glass is continually expanding, and the quality specifications of insulating glass have become higher and higher. How you can grasp the development opportunities with the market and provide premium and reliable insulating glass have become the research problems regarding insulating glass manufacturers.

    Every hollow glass ought to be heavily tested and strictly checked to provide the finished product.
    First introduce the forms of insulating glass and five indicators within the national standard for insulation glass:

    First, the category:

    1. Slotted aluminum hollow tumbler: This kind of insulating glass was introduced within the 1980s, which is rather mature, but the processing technology is more complicated.

    2, aluminum strip hollow magnifying glaas: This kind of insulation glass started late in britain, but the manufacturing practice is simple, so the applying range is wide, as well as promotion is very quickly.
    Two or five signs or symptoms:

    1. Initial dew position

    2, sealing test

    THREE OR MORE, ultraviolet radiation

    4, high temperature and high humidity

    5. Climate cycle check

    According to the nation's testing standards, how to arrange our production in order to meet the requirements of insulation glass? Since the two kinds of insulating glass have many similarities in the way flow, they now examine their common process circulation.

    1, glass cutting as well as cutting

    The original glass is mostly colorless float glass and also other colored glass, sunshade magnifying glaas, tempered glass, laminated a glass, the thickness is typically 3-12MM, the above glass must meet certain requirements of the new regular GB11614 flat glass, this first-class product, It works extremely well after passing the inspection.

    Glass cutting can be done personally or machine, but it needs to be guaranteed to meet the dimensions requirements. During the operation of this process, workers should be aware of the surface of this glass without scratches, that internal quality is even, and there should always be no obvious defects for example bubbles and slag inclusions.
    3, glass cleaning and drying out

    Glass cleaning must use the machine cleaning method, because manual cleaning can not guarantee the quality of cleaning.

    It is required to inspect the glass not having scratches before cleaning. To make certain the adhesion of the sealant into the glass, it is best to utilize deionized water. In addition, in order to ensure using water recycling, water preservation, water can be filtered to guarantee long-term use.

    The cleaned glass must pass the light inspection to evaluate the glass surface using waterless beads, water stains and other stains. If there are water drops, water stains along with stains, the machine working speed, heating temperature, air volume and brush gap must be checked. Adjust until your effect is intact.

    Once washing, the glass needs to be assembled into insulating glass within One hour. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that there is no scratching and scratch between the glass and the glass. It is preferable to own a semi-finished glass storage trolley to split up the glass sheet through the sheet.
    3. Assembly connected with aluminum strip insulating cup

    (1) Environmental requirements: The temperature must be between 10-30 degrees.

    (2) Distant relative humidity requirements: The prerequisites for relative humidity of such insulating glass tend to be slightly lower, and usual conditions are sufficient.

    Nonetheless, it should be noted how the desiccant should be picked from qualified manufacturers to make certain the effective use associated with desiccant.

    After the desiccant is opened, it is best make use of it within 24 working hours. Because the polysulfide rubberized has high gas permeability and poor sealing, it is critical to use a dual seal.

    The butyl rubber is used as the first closure to block the gas.

    The two-component glue is used as the second complience seal, the main function is a bonding effect, and the next is the gas costs effect.

    Practice has proved that this life of a single-sealed insulating glass is just about 5 years, and the life on the double-sealed insulating glass can be as long as 20 years or perhaps 40 years. Therefore, the introduction of double-channel sealed insulating glass may be the trend of the instances.

    4, glass splicing

    Light weight aluminum strip type hollow tumbler. After the splicing, the outer edge of the aluminum frame and the advantage of the glass must have a distance of 5-7MM. Its used to apply the 2nd sealant. The two-component adhesive must be evenly coated along one side to prevent air bubbles. After coating, scrape off the surface of the glass.

    This completes the processing of aluminum remove insulating glass.
    5, the keeping insulating glass

    The correct keeping the insulating glass will have an impact for the final quality of the insulating glass, whether inside production or in transit as well as on site.
    In order to enhance the effect of insulating and insulating the insulation glass, many manufacturers now inject inert gas in to the hollow glass by obtaining the air in the insulating glass, and a real process further improves the performance from the insulating glass.


    Some most important methods with counterfeiting hollow glass:

    1. Replace tempered glass by using ordinary glass

    2, substitute the aluminum alloy spacer with ordinary double-sided adhesive remove

    3. No desiccant is included to the aluminum alloy spacer

    FIVE, only do a sole seal without double close off

    5, replace the bimolecular adhesive along with ordinary sealant

    First of their, the design requirements with the stacking truss should think about the characteristics of that insulating glass, and the stacking truss needs to have a certain inclination. Nevertheless, the bottom plane along with the side should always become maintained at 90 college diplomas, so that the a couple of glass bottom edges of the insulating glass can be placed vertically to the stacker.

    Also note the fact that bottom of the glass ought not be stained with essential oil, lime and other solvents, general health will have different degrees of erosion on the second sealant of the insulating glass, thus affecting the sealing performance from the insulating glass.