How to Fix QuickBooks error C = 47?

  • QuickBooks error C=47 is often encountered due to any kind of issue in the settings of the Internet explorer for a few protected websites. This error could also be seen when the user performs a cleanup of windows server 2008. This error means that the software is unable to find the transaction from a report. The error in itself can be a bit tricky for some and can be caused due to a bunch of factors. To know more about this error, you can simply go through this blog post till the end and also can get in touch with our QuickBooks support team via our toll-free number +1-844-521-0490, and our QuickBooks support team will be there to assist you in a single call. 

    What leads to error C= 47? 

    There are a bunch of factors triggering this issue. The common factors include:

    • This error could be seen when the QuickBooks data file gets damaged or corrupted 

    • Also, at the time when the QuickBooks data file or its old backup is already present

    • Another reason behind the occurrence of such error can be editing entries 

    • In case the transaction log file is stored in corrupted file folder, then this type of error can be encountered.

    Steps to eliminate the issue successfully

    The user can try to update the software to fix the error permanently in QuickBooks. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

    1. Check whether its updated software to the latest version or not.

    2. If not, then the user is required to jump to the next step. 

    1. Resort the files after the update process comes to an end.

    2. Search for the lists option and then click on the same. 

    3. Choose the chart of accounts

    4. Head to the view menu and hit

    5. Click on the resort list option

    6. Now, the user will have the selected item list. 

    7. Make changes and check the item list once again.

    8. Perform the same process for a customer list.

    9. And then, visit the customer centre and select the customer and jobs option

    10. Click on resort lists

    11. Close the QuickBooks as the restoring process is done. 

    12. Reboot the system and open QuickBooks. 

    13. Check if the QuickBooks error code C=47 is resolved or not. 

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    Following the above steps can be really helpful in fixing the QuickBooks error code C=47. However, if by any chance the user is unable to deal with the issue, even after following the steps listed above, then he/she can get in touch with our QuickBooks Enterprises support +1-844-521-0490. Our team of experts and certified QuickBooks professionals will introduce with other effective methods to rectify this error.