Isn't Madden 21 the next generation release title?

  • Many Madden fans correctly believe that Madden 21 will become the release champion of the next generation of consoles. This does not seem to be the case.

    Xbox series X|S will be released on November 10th, and PlayStation 5 will be released on November 12th, but we haven't seen any information about Madden 21 Coins since June. The new version is only three weeks away. In the console, the window displaying the relevant preview will shrink or disappear.

    I have contacted an EA representative to obtain information about the next-generation game release, but I have not received a response. This is another sign that there is nothing to share.

    In EA's defense, they never officially announced the date of the next generation Madden 21, so this is not a delay. However, since Madden is an important part of almost all console lineups, and since the game preview on the new console was released a long time ago, it is logical to assume that this will be a release title.

    To be honest, it's best not to publish Madden 21 as a release title. Since its release, the current version has problems. If EA is not ready yet, it is best not to release the first version of Madden on the next-generation console. For EA, this has been a difficult year. Despite EA's booming economy, publishers have no way to be disappointed, at least for the bad news.

    We expect to release the first major update of the current version of the franchise model, and we hope that Madden NFL 21 Coins will accompany the next generation of Madden 21. It is still possible, but as time goes by, the possibility seems to be getting smaller and smaller.