Path of Exile: Two Outstanding Heist Buildings

  • If you are looking for the best way to solve the "Great Heist" in "Path of Exile", then you must try it. The latest league of "Path of Exile", "Heist", includes a brand new endgame event for players to start. Although these robbers sometimes go off-road, they can provide a large amount of POE Currency for those who bravely face the overthrown guards.

    Aurastacking is one of the most powerful mechanisms in the path of exile and can only be consistent due to the expensive route of travel. Players must focus on gaining reduced mana reserves and increasing the aura effect of their equipment. Fortunately, clustered jewels can provide a halo effect, and items and jewels can provide mana reserves.

    The goal is to use as many auras as possible to help support any skill. Most players choose Ethereal Knives because of its very fast removal speed. The best improvement of this building is that the necromancer increases the attack speed and casting speed of each aura, the guardian improves the survivability, and the ascender combines the characteristics of the necromancer and the guardian. No matter which way you choose, this version is one of the cruelest and highest DPS versions in the game. Unfortunately, this build requires 50 to 100 Exalts to actually start. If players can fund the build, be prepared to be almost impossible to stop.

    Assassin is the best professional advantage for critical strikes in Path of Exile. Because assassins are born with a high critical strike chance and charge, they can use any skill that can strike frequently to improve their skills.

    Most Critical Strike Assassins tend to use Cyclone and Critical Strike Strike auxiliary gems or Cospri's Malice Unique sword, sometimes both at the same time. For the Heist League, many players Buy POE Items to immediately eliminate the target group. Vaal Ice Nova has excellent cleaning skills, can fight against the legion, violate the robbery contract with large packages. Focus on increasing the cold damage and critical strike bonus to make this kind of construction hit more difficult.

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