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Pain O Soma

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    August 23, 2021 3:48 AM PDT

    Do you really believe your rubbish?" It's amazing to me that people would rather suffer than deal with their pain. I didn't want to. I searched for ways to relieve the pain and get my body back on track. I didn't care what others were saying to me. I wouldn't have passed on if I hadn't listened to the doctors and people around me influence my choices.

    I tried all possible alternative therapies and took courses in Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine. Two teachers helped me to release my pain temporarily in 1978. However, this didn't work. The Pain O Soma continued to return. 1982 was the year I became a Hypnotherapist. I took courses in nutrition, Homeopathy, and other disciplines to find the answers. I returned to college to earn a Psychology degree, but that proved to be futile. It was surprising to me that while most people can describe the root cause of their problems or conflicts, it was rarely the reason. So I started looking again.

    1982 was the year I purchased a computer that blew my mind. Ten years ago, we had a two-party telephone line. We had to call the operator outside our town to make calls (we lived less than two hours north of San Francisco). We didn't have answering machines, FAX machines, or cell phones. Ten years later, we now have a computer that is completely foreign to us...