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What Can You Claim Criminal Injuries For?

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    September 21, 2021 12:04 AM PDT

    What can you claim for criminal injuries in Scotland? You should always consult your civil solicitor who will advise you on what action you should take. The first thing to do is to give details of the accident i.e. the date and time, how and by whom it occurred, who was involved, any witnesses, photographs, and if you have any notes.

    Your Criminal Injury Claim Scotland solicitor will advise you on whether you can make a claim for assault, battery, malicious prosecution, negligence, or reasonable cause. If you suffer pain as a result of the attack/damage/ deprivation then you should claim compensation for pain and suffering. If the injury was caused by another person's negligence then you could claim compensation for loss and damage caused by that person's carelessness. This carelessness could include the person driving negligently or not having adequate safety equipment on. You should always report an accident if you witness one.

     If you have any injury claims that have been refused then you should try to get the court to compel the court to hear your case. The court will usually listen to a solicitor's argument. You can also make a claim for medical expenses as a result of the accident, which may mean that you receive a lump-sum payment. You can also make a claim for loss of earnings, out of work pay or pension if you have been a worker for a company for more than five years who have been victims of an accident. In order to make a successful claim, you need to act fast, as time is very limited.