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What Are The Types Of Air Conditioning Systems?

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    October 8, 2021 12:01 PM PDT

    Air Conditioning System refer to the cooling systems that condition the indoor air in a temperature suitable for the occupants. Air Conditioners are a great way to cool down the interior of your office, school, business place, or any other indoor building or space. It is also a source of comfort during hot weather.


    Package Terminal Air Conditioning or PTACS are the kinds of air conditioners that are most commonly located in residential spaces like hotels, apartments, corporate buildings, senior or assisted living centers, and hospitals. These kinds of air conditioners can either be forced air or heat pump. Heat pump has the capability to function even without an extra source of power. This is because heat pumps function efficiently when connected to an existing heating and cooling system. However, it has been observed that these systems are also more energy efficient and cost-effective than forced air and heat pump air conditioners.


    Window Air Cooler Conditioning or TVACs are another few types of air conditioners. This kind of cooling system works just like your window fan, only it operates on electricity. What makes TVACs most efficient is that they also come with built-in intelligent temperature adjustment capabilities. Other features of Window Cooling Air Conditioning systems include built-in dehumidifiers, variable speed fans, smart speed control, low battery indicator, programmable shut down, and many more.