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Yes, you're able to experience a false sense of mastery

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    September 18, 2021
    Yes, you're able to experience a false sense of mastery and WOW TBC Classic Gold agency when you place your fourth talent in "Do +1% more" or your 30th in "This ought to have been a in-built level 40 capability". It's fake. You aren't really developing a ability or mastering something more complicated than a five year old's book of stickers. (But it's possible to do so.) I'm assuming that the enthusiasts of Classic are the ones who think that solving a 15-year-old's game game is enough to make them a hardcore gaming God.

    Dude , what's this. The majority of game design, especially RPG advancement, is fake. An RPG's whole idea is that you start out in a position of weakness and build up your skills with time. This creates the illusion of the game progressing. The particulars of how you improve your strength is the reason an RPG stands out from other. Wow was the very first game to utilize talent trees. It felt good to have the option to choose how you want to improve your performance. Is there a better number of options? Absolutely. For the casual player, is it a problem if they don't have the best build? It doesn't. It's only relevant if you are planning to create content for the endgame. Even though everybody was built the same way back then, it is only marginally more efficient in the present. RPGs have always had an absolute best design for any particular encounter.

    I've been suffering from game stutter for quite a while. It affects all of my characters. Stuttering can be unpredictable but it is often reactive. In particular, I stutter when I switch my weapons (2h to shield and in reverse). I also struggle to speak when I am opening my stealth mode on my rogue, and also when I drop combat. This is still a problem particularly when there's lots of activity such as in raid environments. To examine this issue, I disabled all add-ons. The results indicate that the stuttering is less, but still exists. This makes me wonder why it happens. It's not possible that my PC is at fault. I've tried turning off addons, altering the settings for video in the game and reinstalling the game. The flashing of new bios and disabled hyperthreading were some of my options. The issue isn't apparent. Anyone has any ideas why this issue? It's really irritating. Imagine that your screen goes blank every when you switch from shield to spell reflect.
    Update Note: Despite all the effort I did and buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold setting my FPS at an appropriate level to keep my card under a 50% load, I still was experiencing flickering issues when I ran an Kara raid last night. So I decided to completely disable Freesync and it appeared to have finally solved the issue.