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The tournament will include two divisions: a PlayStation

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    October 25, 2021
    "School isn't just about education. It's also about friendship as well as 2K22 MT sports and, the most important thing is finding an identity. TGS CEO Spiro Khouri said that the outbreak has taught the teens how important these bonds are. "Esports has filled the void when the world was in a pause. The tournament has the potential to bring children across the globe together for one large event."

    The tournament will include two divisions: a PlayStation and Xbox division and will be streamed online on the weekend of November 7-8 and November 14-15. The final stage, which will be comprised of an Elite 8 in each division to be played on the weekend of November 21-22. It will be streamed live on TGS' Twitch channel. TGS will host the tournament as well as provide professional management of the tournament and production.

    In addition to the scholarships in addition, a part of the funds raised from the event will go to three nonprofits, including Cxmmunity which is focused on promoting the participation of minorities Esports; the Beyond Sports foundation, dedicated to converting athletic abilities into real life opportunity; as well as That Harper Kid, the foundation founded by former Chicago Sky guard Linnae Harper to assist local children.

    Some Chicago area high school basketball legends have also pledged their support such as Jahil Okafor, Kendrick Nunn, Quentin Richardson, Darius Miles, Tim Hardaway, Deon Thomas, Hoop Dreams stars Arthur Agee and William Gates and Chicago high school legend Linnae Harper. Keep checking their social media pages for updates while they cheer on players.

    "This event will be a chance for kids to come from across the city together for one event, while supporting important causes," said Matt Hoffar co-founder of Gaming United and Managing Partner at Brickhouse Ventures. "And this won't be the only event. We'll be Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins hosting a variety of tournaments this year in various cities, and across several games.