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The Three Kings of Runescape kept these keys

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    July 23, 2021
    There must be a mistake! It is not your fault it is the [your name] who let it go. Vanstrom, my father is not happy. Your position as the head of enforcement has been replaced by Charos OSRS Fire Cape. Charos is the new head of enforcement. From now on, you will be the one in charge of securing our vault for the public. Vanstrom isn't an actual threat, as you'll be able to see. Charos is. I don't suppose you have any information about Charos? Charos? Vail! I just heard that there is a large vampyre calling [your Name][your Name] in Canifis right at the moment.

    In the meantime In Meyerditch... Lord Vanstrom you might be feeling depressed, but you need to drink. This is Sector Four. My Lord I think that if you could find out the reason we're mortal in front of the Myreque, then you can regain favor in Lord Drakan's eyes. I have learned that there is a Myreque agent in a tiny village east of Mort ton, near the place where our forces defeated the six brothers.

    I can't leave. Drakan requires this inventory to be to be checked immediately. We should then pay a visit the Myreque agent. Then, you can go towards Canifis after you've finished the dramatic scene. Teleporting with Ancients is the most efficient method. Talk to the residents once you're there. However, they won't give you much. Visit Mazcha instead. There's nothing you can get out of him also. Get an earring made of Charos and ask Mazcha to offer you ten thousand gp for no cost.

    Oh very funny. I'm not weak-minded. I'd like to know how you accomplish this. This ring. Whoever enchanted it should know that some people can't be confident with that pow. Hey wait a minute! This is the ring of Charos! Charos is who? The former ruler over this part of Morytania Cheap RS Gold. He got into a fight, and I sent him to my lord. Since the time, Malak has been in charge of Canifis.