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I believe I should just restart the entire thing

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    February 27, 2021
    I am a type of old-newbie. I used to play Runescape, several years ago. I got a brand new computer and had not played in ages. I loaded the game on RS gold my new laptop this weekend, so I've the'new' Runescape - and have forgotten everything about the basics - game controls, where to discover shops, how to see my inventory, the way to heal/regenerate hit points (I'm a free participant only), etc..

    I'm muddling along - I have remembered how to cut trees down, start fires, cook/eat food to recover health, etc.. I've figured out some of the items, but don't understand how to use spells, even though perhaps I'm not high enough level to get them (Level 17). I've taken about the"Shadow over Arsdale" pursuit and have gotten through the big critter that kills you instantly if you see it. I browse the walk and understand I want to get some sort of ranged attack, but yeah that I am from arrows - and I can't recall how to journey place-to-place for to the Grand Exchange. I am sort of'established' from Taverly - is there somewhere here I will purchase arrows?

    I believe I should just restart the entire thing, but it seems a waste to give the levels and cash I really do have if I can re-learn how to play without starting over. Can somebody point me to a beginner's guide? Or at least tell me where to buy arrows to finish this quest?

    However, it seems somewhat wasteful to just disassemble as soon as it hits level 10. You're basically destroying a perfectly good piece of t85 degrade-to-dust power armor which has at least 95 percent of its own degrade charges unused.

    Something important to notice here is that strengthening the corresponding t85 Body armor costs more, over 6m more as of time of writing. For this reason, it might not be the best idea to fortify the Body also. As a consequence, that you might need to cheap OSRS gold pair this up with some other body armor. So, what to do? Disassemble immediately at level 10, or Siphon it before its lifespan is totally consumed before disassembling?99 Construction so I can build an wonderful home (I know it's technically training a skill, but my goal here is to construct a cool home and not really just get 99). I think I have a couple more but I can't recall them today.