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It will be possible to poe currency buy

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    March 6, 2020
    Speaking of campaigns,PoE goods two will include a brand new seven-act narrative that will be available alongside the original Path of Exile 1 effort. Both the new and old storylines lead to the same common Atlas endgame. Additionally, Path of Exile 2 retains all expansion content that has been created within the last six years and introduces a brand new ability system, ascendancy courses, engine improvements and a lot more.

    For example, there will be 19 new ascendancy courses out there in the Path of Exile 2, which differ from the previous ones that are still available in the Path of Exile 1 campaign. Also, a new skill gem system will be implemented soon, which will let players create specific character builds easier than ever.

    The most essential change is the removal of the slot stones out of any of the equipment looted in the sport. Support gems are now socketed into skill gems, removing many of the frustrations within the older system whilst maintaining all the previous depth.

    Thanks to the new system, it will be possible to poe currency buy six-link every skill a character uses. Another facet that is important is the brand new equipment that will be included in the match. An progression of weapons and armor was redone from begin to finish, together with entirely new character models and animations. Of course, all microtransactions made in the Path of Exile 1 will move to the brand new game.