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    June 14, 2022
    If you've got plenty of Rapport items that you can give to NPCs, getting the Trusted Rapport position with her will be another easy way to gain the Omnium Star Lost Ark Gold. However, as you approach Friendly status with Nia, you'll require high virtue statistics to move up to Trusted. A way to avoid this is to reach Friendly first level with Nia and then giving her legendary gifts in order to skip Friendly level two and skipping to Trusted rank.

    For instance, if you're on Friendly Level 1 with Nia and have 7000 points, you can present her with 13 legendary gifts to skip to Trusted. Unfortunately, building rapport with Nia becomes a challenge without using this method when you don't have the virtue stats required to go to Trusted.

    Finally, you will earn the Omnium Star from completing the Purification Ceremony daily Una Task. Although the task itself is not too difficult to finish, it will take you 21 real-world days to complete. It is important to begin this as early as possible for you to obtain the Omnium Star quickly. Fortunately, you will be able to collect all the Omnium Stars in between these chores.

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