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NBA 2K23 Releases the Zero Gravity Season 6 Agenda

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    June 30, 2022
    New Zero Gravity Season 6 information is out, including information on what to expect with what's on the Agenda along with the rewards that are distributed each day over five weeks.

    In the midst of Season 6, with Zero Gravity rolling on,NBA 2K23 MT is making sure its player base has plenty of games to keep them entertained. The new season got underway with three new Dark Matter cards, and there's more information coming out which will maintain the MyTeam mode still as popular.

    In the coming five weeks, players will be able to progress to the total of 25 players, starting with gold-tier players and finishing with a Dark Matter card. Alongside a brand new Series pack, and locker codes, NBA 2K23 is pulling out all stops for Season 6 to take off and become more powerful than the previous season.

    In MyTeam players can complete assignments as part of the Agenda series to receive rewards for their efforts based on the performance. Season 6 of Zero Gravity Agenda begins with the overall rating of 75 Giannis Antetokounmpo, which players are able to acquire simply by winning a game.

    In the following five weeks during the five weeks, players will need to utilize the card they have received earlier in the day to take advantage of the day's reward. Vit Krejci from Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder is the day two reward. It is available via the day 1 Antetokounmpo challenge card and is rated an overall score of 76.

    The depth of Season 6's content, NBA 2K23 also released a brand new series pack, titled Takeoff in the wake of the successful release in the Metamorphosis pack. It also includes certain prestigious units that players aren't likely to want to miss out on.

    Only available for one week and restricting players to five packs. Each pack contains a guaranteed Takeoff-themed card that will boost any player's MyTeam by giving it an enormous boost. The prizes are Dark Matter Glen Rice (99-overall), Galaxy Opal Victor Oladipo (98-overall) Then there's Pink Diamond Jalen Suggs (96-overall) as well as Diamond Joel Embiid (94-overall). A brand new Event Exchange will also be open from next week, and players will be able to try to get a HOF Limitless Spot-Up Badge.

    NBA 2K23 comes with a brand new locker code for players to get some complimentary items, as is the norm with every pack in the series. Using the code MyTEAM-ZERO-GRAVITY-E9WIY will give every player a free Zero Gravity pack or a Diamond Shoe boost. Locker codes forNBA2king are a wonderful bonus for players. They allow them to unlock a complimentary pack in the hopes of winning one of the newest cards to be found within the game.