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Madden nfl 23 is Removing controversial Raiders coach Jon Gruden

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    July 6, 2022
    The ongoing debate surrounding the Las Vegas Raiders' recently-resigned coach Jon Gruden may have gotten to video gaming. Gruden quit his role as Raiders coach following the release of emails he wrote containing homophobic, misogynistic, as well as racist language. Electronic Arts will be taking the issue seriously as well since it has confirmed Jon Gruden's name will be taken off Mut 23 coins. the most recent release within the Madden football franchise.

    EA has issued a statement about the topic via their official Twitter account for the Madden NFL franchise. The statement states that EA and the team of developers of Madden NFL will be "committed to taking steps towards the maintenance of a culture of inclusivity and equity." With this in mind, EA has decided to begin the process of removing Gruden from Madden nfl 23. The change won't take immediate effect, given the work required. The players can expect to experience the change as an update to the game's title within the next few weeks.

    For how the change will work in-game, EA will be removing the likeness, name and any related figures or details about Gruden from Madden nfl 23 entirely. The Gruden character will be replaced by what EA is calling an "generic likeness" however, no further details about the change is available given that it's not the focus of the statement. It's not clear if the generic likeness is simply temporary or if it's needed to be in the first place, before EA changes the position of Gruden with the temporary Las Vegas Raiders coach, Rich Bisaccia.

    Gruden has resigned from his position with the Las Vegas Raiders earlier this week, following the publication of a series of emails that he wrote between 2011 and the year 2018. in the email, Gruden rejected the NFL's decision to employ women as referees and also the drafting of the first college football player who was gay in addition to the protests by Black NFL players in protest against police violence. He also used homophobic and gender-based slurs in a way to discredit other women.

    Gruden has announced his resignation earlier in the week, declaring, "I love the Raiders and don't want to be a distraction." He also issued a short apology, saying "I'm sorry, I never intended to harm anyone," however, he did not discuss any of the accusations of discrimination against minorities. Both the Raiders and the NFL have since condemned Gruden's language that he used to send emails.

    The most important question Madden nfl 23 participants are left with is whether or not EA could have come to this decision even if Gruden hadn't resigned. The announcement by EA came in the moment, rather than directly following the disclosure of Gruden's emails , been a source of sour smell within their mouths. However, the move is certainly a bit shrewd considering the NFL did not appear to take action or hold Gruden accountable for his actions. In this regard, EA has proven proactive in its choice to remove Gruden as a player from buy mut 23 coins.