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Madden 23 does not feel any different though

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    July 30, 2022
    Each year, in the process of preparing for the next version in theMut 23 coins series, players from the Madden NFL team undoubtedly sits in a conference , discussing ideas that are creative with one another. Marketing will likely be present with the developers, coining words that are deemed to be useful, such as this year's "FieldSENSE," obnoxious capitalization and all.

    FieldSENSE isn't just one particular thing. It's more of an on-field tweaks like improved physical physics, new tackling animations as well as new passing systems. Yet if EA did not market these games by using names that have been tested and focused, no player would be able to tell apart from the hardcore competitive players.

    It's difficult from here in front of a keyboard to so readily dismiss something that under the hood necessitated hundreds of man hours to put into. Madden 23 does not feel any different though, at this beta stage. It's not new. It's not fresh. For the most popular professional sport, it's very boring.

    EA tested a variety of methods over time to boost the quality of passing, like the wonky Vision Cone years ago. This year, they've added control over the ball in the air. After throwing, holding the left trigger and pushing the left stick allows you to locate the ball ahead of either behind, in the middle, or even deeper in relation to the receiver. There are also indicators on the field such as icons and circles to identify the exact location.

    Over multiple games during the beta period, this system has made only a minimal improvement. It's more likely that passing appears to be too complicated. If you are trying to dodge opponents, the tendency is to hold back your left hand. That results in a shorter throw. It's not just a matter of logic dropping back when pressure is on and throwing the ball can result in less arm strength However, making these adjustments as intended isn't organic. On the catch, receivers don't seem to be bothered and then adjust in a flash. The last time EA had the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series it was possible to make a shot more secure following the swing. Madden NFL 23's passing feels eerily similar.

    Given the infestation of meters , bars, circles and icons, this generation's Madden is ever more distant from real-world simulation, even as advertisements play with the more realistic physics engine. There's an ongoing battle between attempts to make Madden more video-game-like and a use of technology to boost hitting impacts or ball movement. Madden NFL 23 is threatening to become a victim, due to the fact that even with the latest graphics and physics, the the tackling experience is similar to previous years.

    The current beta status only features games for exhibitions; EA will add more laterand further updates will be released in the coming months. This is a good indication as to the gameplay , as well as the extremely poor presentation (the fake, monotonous broadcasting style hasn't kept pace with NFL 2K5 and that was only the case 17 years earlier) to suggestbuy mut coins madden 23 can be another nominal jump for a series in a state of catching-up since PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X came out.