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The entire Diablo Immortal gameplay content is free

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    Feb 12
    The entire Diablo Immortal gameplay content is free D2R ladder items, and will be extended into new zones, classes as well as dungeons. These will be added following launch. For those who don't wish to shell out a cent, there's a no-cost battle pass that comes with plenty prizes in the form items, currencies, and upgrades materials. Additionally, there were plenty of ideas that did not make it to Diablo Immortal at launch, Burgess stated, and could be added to the game with no cost in the future updates.

    "We're going to continue to release content on a regular cadence," Burgess said. "Our goal is every few months we'll be releasing either a brand new dungeon or zone, and along with it comes brand-new story content players can enjoy." According to Burgess, the main campaign at launch is expected to take around 20 hours to be completed.

    Whether Diablo Immortal can stick in the line of a truly Diablo experience and a totally free-to-play MMO remains to be seen but Burgess believes players will be surprised at the scope in Diablo Immortal in addition to its position in the franchise.

    "It's an experience that plays like a classic Diablo Game," Burgess said. "It's dark, gritty. It's sure to delight all the Diablo players who were afraid of dungeons crawls, they'll love it. It's also an approachable game for players who've had no experience with before a Diablo game before."

    Like we said In addition, all of Diablo's real-time gameplay content is for free. You'll be able to access all of the story and other group-based content like raids buy diablo II resurrected items, and dungeons and you don't have to spend money. Additionally, you'll be able to be a part of PvP battlegrounds as well as the Cycle of Strife without spending a dime.