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Mmoexp NBA 2k23:RT move & advantage RS

  • Jun 2
    Flashy Two-Hand Dunk: Up-up on Pro Stick (RS)Flashy One-Hand Dunk: Down-up Nba 2k23 mt on Pro Stick (RS)Normal Adeptness Douse with Meter: Up-down on Pro Stick (RS)Rim Attach Adeptness Douse with Meter: Down-Down on pro stick (RS) (R2 and Pro Stick (RS) douse gesture, LS to change momentum, RS to acquire yourself up to rim)Quick Scoop Layup: Advantage larboard or acclimatized stick

    Jump Shot: Columnist & advantage Y afresh releaseJump Advanced Alt. Controls: Move and advantage RS down, afresh releaseFree Throw: Columnist and advantage Y afresh absolution (when at the line)Free Altercate Alt. Controls: Move and advantage RS down, afresh release, abashed at lineLayup: Move & advantage Rs up (when driving)Bank Shot: Move and advantage RS up, and releaseRunner / Floater:

    Move & advantage RS bottomward while drivingReverse Layup: Move & advantage RS acclimatized (while breath alternating the baseline)Euro Footfall Layup: Bifold tap Y while breath & advantage the LS appear the off handCradle Layup: Bifold tap Y abashed breath & advantage LS appear the affray handTwo-Hand Dunk:

    RT move & advantage RS up while breath to basketDominant or Off-Hand Dunk: RT move & advantage RS up, larboard or acclimatized in abutting rangeFlashy Dunk: RT move & advantage RS bottomward cheap 2k23 mt abashed driving, absolution to adeptness dunk