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​HSBC Lost US$200 Million in Gold Trading

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    July 7, 2020
    According to US media, HSBC lost around US$200 million within one day
    in March, much exceeding the maximum loss estimated by HSBC‘s risk
    value model and costing a whole year’s total gain in gold trading.To get
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      In other words, HSBC lost a whole years gold-trading profit within just one day.

      The loss has largely been due to the extremity in March, as the
    lockdown measures cut off material golds supply channel around the
    globe. Price gap between New York gold futures and London spot gold hit a
    record high of US$70.

      In general, the spread between spot gold and futures is no more than a
    few dollars per ounce. Banks usually sell gold futures in New York as a
    way to of hedging for the positions in the London market, and a
    significant variation of prices in the two markets will cause them heavy

      According to HSBC, the loss due gold‘s market value was attributed to
    challenges gold refinement and transportation.As spot-gold trading
    expanded unprecedentedly, this affected HSBC’s gold leasing and
    financing businesses, as well as other hedging activities, leading to a

      HSBC is not the only institution that suffered from gold markets
    unusual volatility. The long-established Bank of Nova Scotia in Canada
    also closed precious metal trading department in March, allegedly for
    the same reason.