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The largest planetarium in the world opened in shanghai

  • August 30, 2021

    Shanghai Astronomical Museum The largest planetarium in the world Officially open for viewing this Saturday. and will be open to the public from Sunday.Covering an area of ​​approximately 58,600 square meters, the museum is located in the Lingang Free Trade Pilot Zone of China (Shanghai). It is a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (SSTM).

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    The museum has futuristic architecture. Various themed exhibition spaces realistic technology and precious collections architectural style when viewed from the air The main building of the museum looks like an astronomical apparatus with spherical apertures. inverted round dome and a dome theater

    Like the mechanism of a sundial The light on the ground changes as sunlight shines through the spherical skylight. And it will be a perfect circle at noon of the summer solstice. This is the day when the day has the longest daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere.The Xihe Tower and Wangshu Tower, named after the symbols of the sun and moon in ancient Chinese mythology respectively,

    during the day Visitors can observe the sun through the Dimmable Solar Telescope for Study in the Xihe Tower. and see high-resolution images of sunspots and solar night A 1 meter long double focus telescope, the largest in China in terms of aperture. Allows visitors to the Wangshu Tower to enjoy views of the moon, planets and celestial bodies in space.