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Apple plans classical music app with buy of Primephonic

  • August 31, 2021
    Apple plans classical music app with buy of Primephonic

    Apple on Monday (Aug 30) announced it is buying classical music streaming service Primephonic and will launch an app dedicated to the genre.

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    Apple did not disclose how much it paid for Europe-based Primephonic, which confirmed that it is becoming part of the iPhone-maker's music service.

    "We felt compelled to develop a streaming service that truly gets classical right - so that's what we did over the last three years," the Primephonic team said in the post.

    "But to fully achieve the next phase of our mission, we need to bring our classical streaming expertise to millions of listeners worldwide."

    Primephonic will go offline on Sep 7, with subscribers being offered six months of free use of Apple Music, according to the companies.

    "We love and have a deep respect for classical music, and Primephonic has become a fan favorite for classical enthusiasts," said Apple Music vice president Oliver Schusser.

    "Together, we're bringing great new classical features to Apple Music, and in the near future, we'll deliver a dedicated classical experience that will truly be the best in the world."

    Apple Music will weave Primephonic technology into a dedicated classical music app it plans to launch next year, according to the companies.