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Procedures to use a VPN to access the 1337x proxy site

  • Sep 20
    * Step 1: Install any VPN software you download from Google on your computer. If you are unfamiliar with VPNs, you may check out the list of VPNs we suggest in this article.
    * Step 2: Right now, open the VPN application and see which servers are accessible to you. Free VPN servers are sometimes overcrowded, therefore I advise using a commercial VPN service. Connect any server you wish in.
    * Step 3. As an alternative, you may see whether your VPN has a server specifically for torrenting; if it does, you can try connecting to that server.
    * Step 4: Verify if your VPN is making you anonymous or not now that it has connected. You must use a different approach to check yourself for it.
    * Step 5: Open your browser, visit, and write down your IP address there. You must now verify that the IP address matches the IP that your VPN connection gave you. You are now completely anonymous if they match.
    * Step 6: You are now prepared to use the site. Enjoy using the 1337x proxy site to download torrents.

    As an alternative, you may utilise a high-quality proxy service to remain anonymous online and protect your online security.

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