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    Working Principle of PP Quick Connect Fitting

    The beauty of the pp quick connect fitting is its simple design. It's comprised of three individual components: a collet, an O-ring, and the body. The body of the fitting conceals the O-ring and collet on either end. Your tubing is meant to be inserted...  more
    led by fittingtony

  • 232

    Some Basics of Heat Transfer Label

    The printers most people know are usually needle printing, inkjet and laser printing, but you may not have noticed that in our surrounding environment, almost all commodities have heat transfer label printed by thermal transfer technology, for example,...  more
    led by gaobao1929

  • 263

    Know Main Features of Pvc Cabinet Board

    PVC flooring has entered China since the beginning of the twentieth century. In recent years, the tooling market has been hot and the home improvement field has gradually entered the eyes of our owners. But due to some wrong concepts, our owners also...  more
    led by mgmkm

  • 246

    Use Robots on Car Assembly Line

    What was once dominated by a workforce of hardworking men and women, the warehousing industry has slowly begun to morph into a more collaborative environment between human and robotic workers. Now, robots on the car assembly line are carrying the heavy...  more
    led by rimeiaaaaa

  • 267

    You Can Make Curtain Finials By Yourself

    Now you can add the perfect finishing touch to your handcrafted curtain rod! Get inspired by these inexpensive DIY curtain finial ideas.

    1. Cabinet Knob...  more
    led by lvyefenghao

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    pp fitting

    The pp fitting is used in piping systems to change direction of the liquid flow, connect pipes of different sizes, change pipe diameter and branch the liquid flow from one pipe into multiple pipes.

    Integrating fittings into piping systems is a various...  more
    led by fittingtony

  • 279

    Heat Transfer Machine Is Emerging

    With people's demand for personalized items, traditional printing technology has been difficult to meet, so a new technology heat transfer machine came out. Its use value is very large, it is difficult to compare with traditional printing. So what are...  more
    led by gaobao1929

  • 248

    PVC Cabinet Board May Yellow

    In the production and application of profiled materials, thermo-photooxidation reaction occurs. Under the action of heat and pressure, polymer macromolecules are oxidized by trace moisture, acid, alkali and other impurities and air, and the molecular...  more
    led by mgmkm

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    We Suggest You to Know Basics of Food Can Making Machine

    This model is mainly used for automatic capping of cans. The production speed is generally 50~200 cans/min.

    ...  more
    led by Goldeagle0527

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    Do You Know Equipments Used In Car Assembly Line?

    It mainly includes conveying equipment used in car assembly line, equipment on-line of major assemblies such as engines and front and rear axles, various oil filling equipment, factory inspection equipment and various special automobile assembly line...  more
    led by rimeiaaaaa