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You now have more control over your coaching staff

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    October 18, 2021
    You now have more control over your coaching staff thanks to Mut 22 coins the "Franchise Staff", which lets you promote your offensive coordinator director, defensive coordinator, head coach as well as players' rosters. Additionally, there are Talent Trees and Staff Points which can be upgraded by meeting certain criteria over the season. Staff points are earned that can be used to buy different talents that can be developed by each of the coaches. For instance, under the head coach you will have items like "secret treatment," that you can buy to speed up healing time for injured players. It's an interesting option .

    One area in which I'd have liked to have witnessed some changes in the franchise mode would be scouting. There is the option of having rookies created in a way that is automatic, or download draft classes directly from Madden Community. "Madden 22" will get a massive scouting update when the game comes out with their first big update in September, however. With that in mind I'll leave my judgment until it comes time to update scouting however, I'm wondering the reason why the updated scouting wasn't ready for the game's initial launch.

    The Yard The Yard mode was introduced in "Madden 21" The Yard is back again. For those that are unfamiliar it's a kind of pickup football game in which you can use your created "Face of the Franchise" player in 6-on-6 play. When playing "Face of the Franchise," you're introduced to "The Yard" and must play in one of these games through the story mode. It makes you choose between playing in "The Yard" as part of a charity pickup game alongside Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson in Hawaii or attending an occasion that takes place in New York with Saquon Barkley. While this isn't the kind of game you'd want to buy Madden 22 coins spend all day playing you can choose it if you're looking to take a break from Madden.