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Willing can produce cast iron surface plate for sale

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    Mar 16
    Willing can produce cast iron surface plate for sale

    Willing cast iron surface tables are used as precision reference base for inspection, making and layout. Standard size Surface Plates are made generally with stress relieved Grey Iron Casting of grade FG:220 as per IS:210 in sizes as per IS-2285:2003 in three grades of accuracies Grade-1, 2 and 3 flatness accuracies of DIN-876 and have hand-scraped / machined finish. The cast iron surface plates shall be supplied with M.S. Fabricated stand or C.I. Column type floor stands as per requirement.To get more news about Cast iron surface plate, you can visit cntrueplate official website.
    Practice proper installation methods
    Use the support system that came with the surface plate, which includes a hard rubber pad attached to the bottom of the plate. These pads are critical for the accuracy of the surface plate. Some large plates may have more than one support system to assist in controlling vibration.
    Perform regular service and calibration procedures, including regular inspection of the surface for dents, scratches
    Resurfacing may be required if damage risks reliable and accurate measurements with a compromised table (not properly flat)
    To verify flatness, periodic inspections can be made on the surface using a repeat reading gage with a manual indicator (move the gage across and identify if there are any deviations more than 0.000025 inches for AA plate, 0.00005 inches for A plate and 0.00001 inches for B grade plate)