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I accepted that Runescape ought to have a pet ability

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    August 20, 2021
    Does anyone here actually use the guild for training in crafting? While I haven't visited every guild but the ones I have seen seem like a wasted time. They are of little value infernal cape osrs. The guilds could be improved to make them more useful. Perhaps high level players could be given positions in the same way as the lumber yard. It's just an idea. A lot of guilds have no goal and are difficult to join. Does anyone agree or disagree? Which guilds do you think to be most helpful?

    Okay, so I've been working towards the quest cape for 2.5 years and keep getting told it's easy to obtain. It's much easier and quicker than the majority or all 99 abilities, depending on the person telling me. I got told that again today, and I was very bored, so I decided to do some calculations.

    It's 11492,440 years of work experience when you add the necessary skills. This is just below level 98 in any one ability. Wait, there is also an 85 level combat requirement. There are only 40 attack, 65 defense and 69 strength are needed. There is also a 55-pray spell, 75 magic, 75 ranged and summoning. Add this to the default 10 HP and you only get out to level 66.9. To achieve 85 combat, you need to bump attack and hp to 60 and 61. The amount of xp needed to achieve 85 combat is now 12,030,092.

    There's more. It's reasonable to assume that you will be able to defend 65, have 65 strength 75 ranged, and 69 power. However, 70 HP and 65 attack are the minimum (depending on the way you train). The likely total ranges from 12,641,117 to 13,113,911. But, it's just level 89. It will be very difficult to obtain the quest cape. It is possible to get it at that level Buy OSRS Fire Cape, though, so we'll leave it there and give ourselves a conservative estimate.