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A new bank inclusion

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    June 15, 2021
    Imagine this scenario: You want to make a runescape bank movie. And OSRS gold you also own a bank filled with things with a number of every item. You would like to figure out the complete quantity of money you've got as cash as well as assets. But you cant spend your time multiplying each of your 490 things [with the number of them you have] and adding them all. And your quotes can be off with millions.

    Here's a solution. A new bank inclusion [I have no title for this. . .sorry. Suggestions please. From the bank port, when you click on an item, you may HIGHLIGHT it rather than withdrawing it [like most of the things in your inventory] And at a little bar below the interface [ a fresh addition], the entire value of the highlighted item will be shown.

    The cost will be determined by the mean cost at GE, even for items with varying prices. The overall value will vary only when the price of an item increases by a very large percent [such as....rise of granite or water talisman] And to save time adding them up, another pub below the preceding one mentioned will show the total value you've got. Once more the cost is decided as previously.

    It will be helpful if you want to purchase something and want to market some of your things, but dont know exactly what to. And im sure that this would help us all. If a topic mentioning this had already been made... forgive me. For I didnt understand of it. As cheap RuneScape Mobile gold far as I know....this idea jus fell upon my mind.