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What ever happened to the guy at the back-alleys

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    March 3, 2021
    However, if you do not possess the runes, it RS gold uses whichever else you want (I.E. Aggressive Crush). This would be tough to perform in-game, so perhaps a pop-up box just like in the equiptment screen could come up and have a list of weapons, such as Scimitar, and Staff. After clicking Staff there would be a sub-menu: Air, Water, Fire etc.. Then after picking out the staff are the list of spells that can be casted with that staff together with the necessary runes. Afterward a priority system may be implimented using check boxes or something like that; easy Javascript or something. Only a thought which would be cool.

    Chainmail leggings. In my mind, there were a lower-class and and upper-class for armour. Enormous Helm/Medium Helm, Chainmail Body/Plate Body and Square Shield/Kite Shield. However, Leg Armour is alone in this seemingly orderly arrangement for armour. It is not as if they'd never historically existed, and it would only add a sense of completion and be semi-tactical; even more resistant to Crush strikes than Platemail is.

    What ever happened to the guy at the back-alleys of Varrock out of RSC, who would alter your skirts into thighs and vice-versa? Let us introroduce a situation: I am fighting steel dragons for hours and hours, employing a great deal of time and food, till eventually - one of them drops a Dragon Plateskirt. But wait... it may only be me, but I am not the kind of man who fancies wearing skirts. This would just make matters much more suitable. Obviously the market thinking about Dragon Skirts and Legs will be shaky for some time, but once this has been fully initiatied and knowledgeable about everybody, Plateskirts and Platelegs would cost the same cost from the Player Market. 6- bank stalls. There isn't a bank booth in every lender. What is with that? All I can say, actually.

    HI, I was thinking about some stuff I found on other sites. And I came across boating so I thought that seems pretty cool so I thought up some more ideas about it and what you could do. So here goes my best to explain it... Oh and I'll upload some pictures soon. THE MAIN CONCEPT. So I thought"what would I use it for?" And I came up with using it you could create your own boat where ever you are with some special equiptment (see Equiptment) and kinds of logs.

    You could use them only to get someplace or to cheap OSRS gold market to other people but you could also use them for things like Fishing when you get into a higher level. Or exploring new places and items and quests. And you might also use them for transporting goods or require people to other places should they cover you. So that is the basic concept... WHAT YOU CAN BUILD. SO here is a list of thing that you can construct at different level.