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Camouflage Netting for Elegant Decorative Shade

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    October 17, 2021
    CAMALEON® is the military camouflage netting of the HORTOMALLAS® family. It is used for shading outdoor restaurants, campgrounds to blend into gotcha, paintball, airsoft fields, for sports or outdoor activities, also used as decoration, etc. Lightweight, durable, tear resistant, it has a knotted mesh that is used to support the mimetic die-cut fabric. The shadow created by the punched holes makes what is hidden below “invisible”, that is why the military uses it to protect vehicles, equipment and troops. CAMALEON® comes in a fabric pouch for easy transport and can be easily rolled up for storage.To get more news about Camouflage Shade Netting Acting, you can visit official website.

    NOTE: CAMALEON® is a quality product that comes with UV protection from the sun for 7 years on both sides (unlike the Chinese products you find whose fabric fades after a few months), it has a reinforcing net in the lower part and with hems and perimeter braces (which is a unique feauture of our product). Check well and compare the THICKNESS of the camouflage fabric used, ours are of military quality, they measure 210D or 400D in the largest measurements (against the 150D offered by the competition), do not be surprised by fabrics without any resistance.
    Military Camouflage Net
    Snow Model
    Features woven mesh reinforcement
    Common uses: camouflage, mimicry, decorative, hunting, paintball, airsoft, camping, car shading, restaurants, public areas, patios, pools, beach, military vehicles.