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Davinci DC100: Know the electric bike that balances itself

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    October 17, 2021
    Davinci DC100: Know the electric bike that balances itself

    The new Davinci DC100 is that ideal bike for those looking for unique, easy-to-ride experiences, and still ensures comfort and security.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

    Recently, Chinese startup Davince Tech has revealed this new model, which is practically a mobile robot, which has super advanced sensors that can track various information such as lean angle, speed and acceleration, ambient temperature, load, type of terrain and other motorcycle differences.

    All these data that the new Davinci DC100 manages to obtain, are used to accurately calibrate as its power, which is provided to ensure legal performance in all situations.

    According to the manufacturer's brand, the bike is 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds, has maximum speed of 200 km/h and 400-km autonomy in the NEDC cycle.

    In addition, it has 135 cv power, peak 850 Nm torque. All these numbers can be impressive and differentiated.

    Incredibly enough, Davinci DC100 can have its battery 100% charged in just thirty minutes. It is powered by a lithium battery with high energy density, fully compatible with high voltage platforms. The new Davinci DC100 is a futuristic motorcycle that has high-tech equipment, and has a super modern look.

    But in addition to excellent performance and great autonomy, one of the main features of this electric motorcycle is because of the ability to balance and follow the pilot.

    That is, if the pilot starts walking a little after a long ride, the motorcycle will follow him like an obedient dog.
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