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Automatic Spring Coiling Machine for Bonnell and Lfk Spring

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    November 25, 2021
    Spring coiling machine making bonnell and lfk springs. Electronically controlled. Changeable knotting module. Patented product. Characteristics. Of. Automatic spring coiling machine for bonnell and lfk spring. (spring coiling machine; bonnell spring coiling machine; lfk spring making machine; mattress spring coiling machine; spring machine; spring mattress machine; bedding equipment). 1. Electrically controlled coiling head;. 2. Motion unit with 10 arms;. 3. Available for both bonnell spring and unknotted spring/lfk;. 4. Special spring options available, if desired;. 5. Changeable knotting module;. 6. Changeable coiling head;. 7. Changeable tail formation dies. Technical data:. Spring coiling machine for bonnell and lfk spring. Spring type. Lfk spring. Bonnell. Capacity. 80 springs/min. 80 springs/min. Spring end diameter. 60-65mm. 60-95mm. Wire gauge. 1.9-2.3mm. 1.8-2.4mm. Spring height. 150-190mm. 100-190mm. Spring turns. 5-10 turns. 4-10 turns. Main power. 20kw. 20kw. Input current. 35a. 35a. Cable section. 4*10mm2 +1*6mm2. 4*10mm2 +1*6mm2. Power requirement. 380v ac 3phase, 50-60hz. (option:415v-480v, 220v). 380v ac 3phase, 50-60hz. (option:415v-480v, 220v). Air consumption. 5m3/h. 5m3/h. Air pressure. 0.6-0.7mpa. 0.6-0.7mpa. Weight. Approx. 1730kg. Approx. 1800kg.Get more news about Electronically Controlled Spring Coiling Machine,you can vist our website!

    YLSK-540 Spring Coiling Machine Adopts Taiwan Computer Control and Japanese Imported Servo Motor With High-speed, High-precision and Fast Facilitate. Controlled With Five Axis Divided Into Cam, Wire Feeding, Upper Cutter Blade, Lower Cutter Blade and Z-axis for Pitch Control YLSK-540 Spring Coiling Machine.