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Industrial Pendant Lights

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    June 26, 2022
    Industrial Pendant Lights

    Industrial pendant lights, whether made from metal, copper or cement (yes, you read that right), are a great way to add personality and flair to your home.Get more news about Industrial Ceiling Lights,you can vist our website!

    Not only are they ideal for lighting a living room or side table but when placed over a dining room table, industrial-style pendants such as steampunk or cage lights create a wonderful talking point guests will marvel at over dinner.
    Which pendant lights are fashionable at the moment?
    Industrial pendant lights are extremely popular at the moment.

    Because the industrial style, which consists of valves, tubes, flaked paint, metal and copper complement many modern interiors, especially when paired with minimalist design.

    In addition to lamps made of metal, concrete shades are also particularly popular as they embody the industrial style with their rough feel and calm grey tones.
    And if you’re looking for a top style tip?

    Fit filament bulbs into your industrial hanging lights as they’re reminiscent of the classic carbon-filament bulb.

    How high should pendant lights hang in the home?
    Where pendant lights are used for general lighting, a minimum distance of 2 m from the floor is recommended. However, if you’re using a pendant light to illuminate, for example, a side table, the height can be as high or as low as you wish.

    How high above a dining table should a pendant light hang?
    To make sure the person sitting opposite is clearly visible and does not bump their head when standing up, there should be an 80 cm gap or more between the tabletop and the lower edge of the lampshade.