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Distribution boards and load centres

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    June 26, 2022
    Distribution boards and load centres

    The Eaton Distribution Board Enclosure System has been designed and manufactured in Australia to suit Australian standards and conditions Our range can be used as a standard 250A off the shelf distribution board, a versatile self-assembly enclosure system to help build up many switchboard assemblies, or customised pre-wired solutions to suit your application. Eaton Aussie Series DBs are a perfect solution for development and growth in commercial and residential projects. Get more news about Metal Distribution Boards,you can vist our website!

    Core Features

    Eaton’s Distribution Board range are designed to meet the new standard AS/NZS61439-3
    Easy to select, install and use
    Fitted with a removable and adjustable chassis.
    The front door on Eaton’s Distribution Boards are both reversible and removable
    Our gland plates on the top and bottom are also removable for easy access and convenience
    Our Distribution Board range comes with a universal swing locking system
    Product overview

    Colour available as standard N42 Grey , X15 Orange and other colours are available upon request
    Power Components; NZM series switch disconnector, Encapsulated or Isolation Chassis
    Complete with split earth and neutral terminals
    Knockouts for DIN rail accessories provided for easy placing of control equipment