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PC-F: Tenoner Machine

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    Jul 27
    PC-F: Tenoner Machine

    Tenoner machine is type of woodworking machines that are used to produce tenons, projecting wooden members that fit into a mortise. There are two basic types of tenoner woodworking machines: single-ended tenoners and double-ended tenoners, which are often used in applications that require a high degree of accuracy and designed to produce multiple tenons in batch cycles.Get more news about Rectangular Tenoner Making,you can vist our website!
    As high-production and high-output devices, tenoner macinery may use automatic tool-changers to reduce setup times and with the advantages are high stability basic structure, operator friendly during tool change. If you have any interested in tenoner machines, contact us now.
    The Yow Cherng CNC-D200 A/B CNC Double End Rectangular Tenoner is equipped with an advanced CNC controller, making tenoning operations more smooth and easier.

    Employ a CNC controller with conversational display for easy operation.
    With conversational input of workpiece sizes, the machine will automatically move to the machining position for dramatically saving setup time.
    Cutting tenons at both ends simultaneously for greatly increasing efficiency and productivity.
    Designed for producing rectangular, round and square tenons.
    The spindle is driven by a high frequency motor and controlled through a frequency inverter making it easy to adjust cutting speed.
    Equipped with an workpiece magazine for fully automatic operation.
    Servo motor drive that directly coupled with precision screw.