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Upgrade your locks without giving up your key

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    Aug 3
    Upgrade your locks without giving up your key with this smart lock deal

    As security becomes ever more important, it's wise to have smart tools with mechanical backups. The BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock upgrades any single-deadbolt lock without forsaking a key or relying on power grids, and you can save an extra $20 from now until the end of August with code SMARTLOCK at checkout.To get more news about best fingerprint door lock, you can visit official website.

    The Aegis is easily installed on the inside of any door with a screwdriver in ten minutes, no electrical work needed. It replaces the traditional thumb turn on a single-deadbolt lock with a large knob, and the bolt can be shot with a simple twist.

    It's easy to attach and remove, with latches on each side making it easy to pop off to replace the AA batteries or perform other tasks, and the coated aluminum body easily resists everyday knocks and dings.It's when you connect it to the app that the smart lock features come into play. Using 128-bit AES encryption, the Aegis makes it easy to provide temporary codes for guests, unlock your door remotely if a family member loses a key, lock or unlock automatically when you're approaching the door with your hands full and will tie into Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.

    The Aegis also alerts you automatically to a door left ajar, using a six-axis sensor, and will trigger a siren if it detects an attempted break-in. And since it's not connected to the main power, if the power goes out, you're not locked out.

    A smart lock is an effective upgrade to your home, but you shouldn't have to give up your key. The BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock gives you the best of both worlds for $99, and for any order between now and the end of August, you can save $20 with code SMARTLOCK at checkout.