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E-Mountainbike: Trends & Developments 2021

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    Aug 3
    E-Mountainbike: Trends & Developments 2021

    The triumphal procession of the e-mountainbikes is unbroken: Meanwhile, German dealers sell more E-MTBs than muscle-powered "bio-mountainbikes". The share of e-mountainbikes was in 2019 impressive 63 percent. A niche has become a trend whose zenith is far from being reached.To get more news about Fat Tire Electric Bikes, you can visit official website.

    The bicycle is booming during the corona crisis - and with it explicitly e-mountainbikes. We can be curious about the industry figures for 2020. An indication is provided by the inquiries at Google: In April 2020, the term "e-mountain bike" was googled around 74,000 times in Germany, compared to 33,000 in the same month last year.To get more news about electric bikes for adults, you can visit official website.

    But what is the next step in the E-MTB business? We give an outlook on the most important e-Mountainbikes trends 2021.

    Trend 1: E-Mountainbikes Perfect for Holidays at Home
    Of the approximately 1.36 million electric bicycles that Germans according to trade associations ZIV and VSF 360,000 e-mountainbikes were bought in 2019. Their share was thus 26.5 percent. There are many indications that the importance of E-MTBs will continue to grow.To get more news about fat tire electric bike for sale, you can visit official website.

    Because in these times, where holidays are spent at home or nearby, the e-mountain bike plays its strengths: It is perfectly suited for off-road explorations without regrets, its robustness provides safety even on wet and slippery terrain.
    Trend 2: Expansion of the Ecosystem E-MTB
    One can like e-mountainbikes (and their riders) or not - but hardly anyone can escape the economic temptations associated with them. An ecosystem is currently building up around e-mountainbiking:
    Trend 3: More E-MTB Models for Every Target Group
    For a few years, E-MTBs were mainly mountain bikes that were clapped onto a motor plus battery. If you wanted to own an electrified mountain bike, you often had to make some compromises regarding frame sizes, looks, comfort and safety. 2021 is completely different.

    The choice is getting bigger and bigger because differentiation is increasingly worthwhile for the manufacturers: In addition to the applications (tour to downhill), they are working in all directions: There are E-Mountainbikes for heavy and tall men, for women and even for children (see trend 4). Retailers who offer good purchasing advice can benefit from the complexity of the product range.
    Trend 4: E-MTBs for children
    If you want to spice up a relaxed dinner with friends a little, you should try the casual remark "E-mountainbikes for kids are booming". This will bring a good atmosphere into the house.

    Since summer 2020 the Children's ETB woom UP in two different sizes, aimed at children between 7 and 14 years of age. Cost: almost 3,000 euros. Nobody's going to buy that, are they? Far from it. The brand from Austria enjoys great popularity and is extremely popular with children and their financially strong parents.
    Trend 5: E-Enduros as Built-in Bike Park
    More and more e-mountainbikers are also experiencing the joy of downhill riding, and the E-Enduro (160 to 180 mm suspension travel) is gaining in relevance. Very few E-MTBs come with less than 150 mm.

    After all, the higher weight of massive spring elements does not play too big a role with E-support. Accordingly, more and more e-mountainbikers are opting for a replacement battery that will get them through the day and to their destination safely.