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How to pick an emergency kit

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    Sep 25
    How to pick an emergency kit

    If you’re thinking about emergency preparedness right now, you’re not alone. Online searches for emergency kits and items like emergency flashlights are ticking upward.To get more news about hemostatic agent, you can visit official website.

    Emergency preparedness is the ability to survive off of your own food, water and other supplies for a few days, according to Ready, an emergency readiness resource from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Thus, an emergency kit should be a collection of household items you may need in an emergency. On top of that, you’ll want to keep nearby what the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention says are things you absolutely require in an emergency situation, including prescription medications, baby care, pet supplies and so on.

    Sustenance and personal items aside, Ready broadly recommends some specific items for your emergency kit. That list is below, along with links to relevant guidance in this article when relevant.
    Emergency kits
    Guided by FEMA’s recommendations, we found five highly rated emergency kits that include many of its suggested items. We cross-referenced the components of each kit against those suggestions and found that none of the kits include a fire extinguisher, plastic sheeting, wrench, local maps or cellphones with chargers. We detail what’s missing in each kit and follow up with suggestions on where to find those missing items.
    On top of grabbing what every kit is missing, you’ll also want to consider buying your own dust mask, duct tape and moist towelettes.

    Designed by U.S. military veterans, Everlit’s Complete 72 Hours Earthquake Bug Out Bag should be useful when any emergency strikes, the brand says, not just the earthquake after which it’s named. The Everlit bag comes with a 200-piece first aid kit, a hand-crank radio/charger/flashlight, 36 water packs and three food bars, as well as a blanket. It also comes with a whistle and a multifunctional knife that the brand says can act as a tooth saw, can opener and glass breaker. All of this comes inside what Everlit calls a “multi-functional tactical military grade backpack,” made from 600-denier polyester — making it tear- and water-resistant — as well as padded shoulder straps. The Everlit Complete 72 Hours Earthquake Bug Out Bag has a 4.8-star rating from over 1,700 reviews on Amazon.
    On top of grabbing what every kit is missing, you’ll also want to consider buying your own radio, duct tape, moist towelettes or a manual can opener.

    If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Ready America 72 Hour Emergency Kit provides a bunch of useful emergency items that the company says should last you three days — among them a 33-piece first aid kit, six water pouches, a food bar, blanket, lightstick, whistle and dust mask. All of this comes inside a backpack. The Ready America Emergency Backpack has a 4.7-star rating from over 4,800 reviews on Amazon.
    Judy’s The Protector kit is meant for a family of six and costs nearly $400. As such, it comes with a 101-piece first aid kit, a hand-crank radio/charger/flashlight, 24 water pouches, 15 food bars, a rescue blanket and hand warmers to last a few days in an emergency, the brand says. It also comes with a whistle, six dust masks, a mini roll of duct tape and wet wipes. (Judy also sells a Mover Max kit that comes with similar emergency items — but fewer water pouches and food bars for a smaller family of four.) The Protector has all of this packed inside a rolling to-go suitcase. Although it doesn’t provide many customer reviews, the Judy brand has gotten praise from professional reviewers: The Strategist lauded it for its simplicity and accessibility. Judy’s website also offers a resources section where you can find in-depth guides to power outages and wildfires.

    The Preppi The Prepster Backpack, which was listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2019, delivers on its name. In addition to a host of emergency kit supplies — from an 85-piece first aid kit, a solar and hand-crank radio/charger/flashlight, three days’ worth of water and coconut shortbread bars to a Mylar space blanket — the Preppi looks like something out of a teen romantic comedy. It also comes with a whistle, face mask, duct tape, antiseptic towelettes and a multitool with a can opener. Although the Preppi The Prepster Backpack doesn’t have any customer feedback, it’s been highlighted by professional outlets. Forbes said that Preppi contains “all of the essential supplies to sustain nutrition, hydration, power, shelter, and communication for two people with luxury comforts.”