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    November 22, 2022

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    Anti-bird spikes will be removed from a tree in central London after a protest by animal rights activists.

    Westminster council was criticised for using the giant spikes, intended to keep pigeons at bay, on a tree in Hanover Square in Mayfair.

    The authority initially said they were needed to prevent a "health risk" caused by lots of birds gathering but performed a U-turn following a protest by nature lovers.

    The Animal Welfare Party, which promotes animal protection, said it was “disgusted” to learn about the spikes and said “such implements should be a source of great shame”.The measures were intended to prevent the creatures leaving droppings on vehicles parked outside a church in Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, which has been converted into offices.

    Under plans lodged with Norwich City Council, the plastic spikes would have been run along the branches of two sycamore trees on St Matthews Road, where complaints had been raised about the "huge mess" left by roosting birds.But locals raised a series of objections, with one calling the proposals "the stupidest idea I have ever seen".

    Another objector said: "I am writing to object - in the strongest terms - about the absurd, April Fools-esque idea of installing anti-bird spikes in trees in order to help keep the cars below clean.

    "These trees contribute greatly to the amenity of the area - and I would argue that this is not simply because of their physical appearance, but because of the wealth of wildlife that they harbour and assist.