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What electric bike has the longest range?

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    December 20, 2022
    What electric bike has the longest range?

    Ranges for electric bikes depend massively on style of ride and terrain. Hills will require more power from the motor and drain the battery quicker.To get more news about 48v VS 52v ebike, you can visit official website.

    However, battery technology is improving a lot each year, and we are seeing expected ranges for average use increase consistently. As such, electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as touring bikes.

    While there's not quite a fully standardised electric bike range measurement yet, we've done some digging and found the top 5 bikes with incredible ranges both around town and cross country.To get more news about electric bike, you can visit official website.

    Many entry-level bikes have ranges of just 30 miles or less, and it's important to shop around and get something that won't leave you pedalling the whole weight of the bike all the way home. However, we've collated the other end of the scale and found some of the biggest ranges you can get.
    Designed for the most pleasurable commuting experience, the QWIC is available with a respectable 735Wh battery offering up to 130 miles in eco mode (ideal for commuting around cities), or up to 40 miles in full-powered Sport mode if you want to make full use of the 80Nm motor or are heading over particularly steep hills.

    QWIC produce dutch style electric bikes in Amsterdam. They have are seeing exceptional growth thanks to clever design, superb build quality and an affordable bike range that are among the best selling electric bikes in Europe.

    A powerful mid-motor gives perfect balance for town riding and Crossbar or Step-Through frame styles offer great comfort while riding. Perfect for city commuting or for delivery riders, the MN7vv gives you a very healthy range for a respectable price of £2,249.
    The QWIC Performance range are designed for many miles on the road, either commuting into the city from the suburbs or for long touring rides at the weekends. Also from the high-end Dutch manufacturer, the RD11 is available in "normal" 15.5mph eBike version, or if you've got more miles to cover there's a faster 28mph Speed Pedelec version too.

    With an impressive 110 mile range, the RD11 can be fitted with a hefty 735Wh battery, one of the biggest available on any electric bike. Both models can be filtered with these large, energy-dense batteries in a sleek format and build quality that will last for many years.
    With a 500Wh battery and array of features suited to the city such as integrated front and rear lights and locking rear wheel for nipping into the shops. The battery is also completely concealed within the downtube for that extra sleek look.
    The QWIC "Urban" range pack impressive potential mileage from a tidy design. The battery has been concealed into the down tube making it look almost like any other bicycle.

    2020 is proving to be a fantastic year for electric bikes with prices dropping but with more features included, and the QWIC Urban range is no exception with Bluetooth as standard.

    With a 300Wh, 400Wh or 500Wh model available, the QWIC Urban range can be extended up to 110 Miles of range. We should note that these bikes are designed in Amsterdam, so these figures are likely tested on rather flatter terrain than the UK.