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    December 20, 2022
    Himiway launches Black Friday sale on industry-leading electric bikes

    Himiway is pleased to announce their latest Black Friday Sale on their cutting-edge long range fat tire electric bikes. The sale is available on all Himiway models, including all terrain, mountain, and cargo bikes. Added to a handsome discount, the Himiway Black Friday Sal is also offering exclusive free accessories to the first 100 e-bike purchasers.To get more news about himiway cobra pro, you can visit official website.
    The ongoing Black Friday sale is the biggest sale in Himiway history. The sale is offering up to 15% discount on orders over $3,000. Besides, customers will get a handy $200 off on selected models.

    “We are excited to announce our ongoing Black Friday Sale that has already started and will continue till the end of the month. We are offering handy discounts on all our ebikes so that our customers can enjoy great savings while opting for a healthier and eco-friendly means of transport”, stated the leading spokesperson from Himiway.To get more news about hardtail electric mountain bikes, you can visit official website.

    Per the statements of the spokesperson it’s the perfect time for a Black Friday warm-up for those planning to switch to electric bikes and that too at a budget price. The company offers a wide range of electric bikes to choose from as per a rider’s biking needs.

    Those who want an all-terrain ride, they can choose from two Himiway models- Himiway Zebra and Himiway Cruiser. Both the bikes are especially manufactured to tread across all kinds of terrains, ranging from sandy beaches to forests to dense snow, and so on. Both are fat tire (26”) long range bikes—while the Cruiser assures 60 miles range, the Zebra offers the highest (80 miles).

    Adventurous riders interested in mountain biking would have to settle for specially designed mountain bikes, such as the Himiway Cobra and Cobra Pro. Both the bikes are equipped with large fat tires that are puncture-resistant and assure excellent traction. These Himiway bikes offer an industry-leading 80 miles range.

    Riders who want an e-bike for riding with family and pets can opt for Himiway Big Dog. A specially designed electric cargo bike, the bike comes with a huge 400 lbs capacity, 750w motor with larger inner rings, and 80-mile range.
    One of the top 3 fat tire electric bike brands in the U.S.A., Himiway stands out with the longest range electric bikes that are equipped with industry-leading fat-tire for superior traction and no slippage.