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NAR Tactical Operator Response Kit (TORK) First Aid Kit

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    December 20, 2022
    NAR Tactical Operator Response Kit (TORK) First Aid Kit

    If you’re going to buy a basic trauma kit, the North American Rescue Tactical Operator Response Kit (TORK) is a great one. I got this kit from LA Police Gear. This is not my first one. I don’t know how many I have, but it’s more than a few. Between offices, homes, bags, and vehicles, I’ve got them everywhere.To get more news about hemostatic granules, you can visit official website.

    I’ve been an emergency medical professional for some decades now. I’ve done this work in peace and in war, CONUS and OCONUS, volunteer and as employment.

    People are always asking me what kit they should buy. I generally tell them to buy a list of things, like what’s suggested in one of my previous articles, and put it in a gallon Ziplock type bag.I like Ziplock type bags because they’re dirt cheap, small enough to hand to someone who’s helping you, and you can see what’s in them. But they have significant drawbacks.

    They are relatively delicate and eventually break, and you can’t attach them to anything. Some kind of holder is helpful, and there’s a few good ones on the market. Hence my collection of TOR Kits.Anything from North American Rescue (NAR) is bound to be quality. I’ve been using their gear for decades, since they were called North American Rescue Products. They’ve tested and sold quality, research-driven medical and rescue supplies since the late 90’s.

    They have some of the best and most experienced remote, emergency, and tactical medical providers in the world on their staff, and I’ve been honored to directly work with a few of them. You often pay a little (and I do mean just a few dollars) more for NAR products, but you know you’re getting reputable, proven gear
    The TORK carrier itself is small and smart. It’s got MOLLE/PALS style connections front and back allowing the user to add to the front or easily attach it to web gear. I don’t think I actually have any of these attached to web gear, but instead straps and door handles on the outsides of other gear and vehicles.

    It’s also got a red tipped tab that attached to the bag, so that, if left outside with the zippers closed on either side, all you have to do is pull the tab and that opens the bag fully. That works particularly well if the bag is secured tightly against web gear

    You’ll also find a loop patch for hook-and-loop/Velcro attachment. I like to put a glow-in-the-dark or otherwise very bright patch here, so eyes go right to it.