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How much are Lost Ark Twitch drop rewards?

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    July 15, 2022
    Smilegate's latest ARPG has an combat system that is influenced by games like Diablo and uses similar systems and techniques that will feel familiar to players of the genre Lost Ark Gold. If you're still not confident about filling the special gauge of Lost Ark, here's what you need to be aware of.

    How to Fill the Specialty Gauge Lost Ark

    The specialty gauge in Lost Ark is otherwise known as the Mysterious Magick Meter, and it's displayed at the center on the heated bar located at the bottom of the screen, regardless of which character class you've picked to play.

    This gauge fills up as you defeat enemies and build chain combos with your skill. In our experience, having a variety of methods increases the rate of charge faster than simply repeating an old one.

    It is said that the Mysterious Magick Meter won't start charging while you are playing in Magick Enhanced State (or Arcane Torrent State.

    1.Fill the Mysterious Magick Meter by continuously attacking your enemies. Utilizing different attacks, it charges faster.

    2.Once it's filled up, hit Z/X to activate the two distinct abilities associated with it.

    The gauge can give you different benefits based on your class. For example, the sorceress class has the ability to make use of Arcane Rupture when pressing Z, while X activates her Blink ability. These are distinct from standard character skills and you can find more information about here.

    That should give you everything you have to be aware of the steps to fill the specialty gauge for Lost Ark. For more information on tips, tricks and guides, search for Twinfinite and read the rest details of our coverage of the game below.

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