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Univapo Unico Pod Kit Review

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    Jul 7
    My Colleagues introduced you to the pilot project of Univapo, and now
    the guys are ripe for a more serious device. By the way, the novelty
    again belongs to the hearth segment, but in this case the “sub-mod”
    characteristic will be more appropriate.To get more news about Unico Pod Kit, you can visit univapo news official website.

    guest looks like most of his competitors. Bar form factor – the profile
    is almost square, the mottled inserts of the panel are used as decor.
    In general, everything is classic. Dimensions, as is customary in this
    segment, are not small.

    By the time of the release, the
    developers had demonstrated as many as six versions of the design – very
    good, taking into account the poor experience of the manufacturer.The
    removable cartridge is fixed with magnets, the capacity is quite good.
    The tank is refueled on the side, and for this it does not even need to
    be removed from the mod. The device is equipped with a pair of
    replaceable coils of rather low resistance.
    The proposed 1.2Ω version
    did not get into the box; most likely, it will be implemented
    separately. Airflow adjustment is provided, however, the air intake
    openings seem very small.The main body boasts a full control panel. The
    fire button is small, and planted low due to the special design. Display
    color, standard diagonal. Below is a traditional adjustment rocker and
    charging connector.

    The sub-mode is powered by a built-in battery
    of quite good capacity. The full charge cycle by today’s standards
    cannot be called particularly fast – about an hour and a half.

    is no exact data on the functionality. Most likely, the manufacturer
    only provided for the varivatt, but the adjustment range is not the