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What is the best product for home pest control?

  • November 5, 2020

    Almost every pest control company use low concentrations of toxins, they are effective in killing pests but are completely safe for pets and anyone being exposed to them. Still for the maximum safety of your pets the pest control experts suggest you to keep your pets away from the treated areas for at least a 4 hours. And remember the non-licensed pest control agencies can use toxic chemicals which can be really dangerous for you and your pets. If you want to make everyone safe during pest control at home then you can use the natural remedies that are actually the best product for home pest control.


    Diatomite has been used to kill cockroaches which has proven to be very effective in killing roaches for nearly 10 years. Also, it is completely safe for your pets. It is a white powder and used when cockroaches have infested your property. Diatomite is made from fossilized remain of algae known as diatoms and is in the form of powder. Sprinkle it all over the places where you have spotted cockroaches, when they will drag these white powder thing into their nest, it will kill every cockroach inside. And with this you will finish the entire colony of the cockroaches infested your house.


    Not only your house, but pests affect your garden as well. So, you can use pyrethrum to get protection from plants available in your garden, because many pests come for the plants in your garden and later come inside your house. Actually pyrethrum is the dried flower heads of chrysanthemums cinerariifolium, which is among the most effective natural insect repellents, but used by skilled gardeners who know the right method of using it to remove pests. The gardeners obtain powder from the dry flower which they turn into a home-made spray to kill pests present in the plants. You can make it by yourself. Just grow many plants and then wait till the flower head grows then you can crush the flower to make powder. But, if you are using pyrethrum based products that are sold in stores then be very careful while using it, because most of the companies add small amount of pyrethrum powder mixed with very toxic chemicals


    If you are looking for the easiest but most effective product for killing pests then mixing ammonia and water is the best natural remedy for this job. This is a natural remedy but is very much effective in banishing rodents for extended period.

    Strong Pepper or Garlic Mix

    You know how much chemicals and other sprays are harmful for your pets. So, you should use a natural remedy for pest control without harming your pests. And for this you can use onions, jalapenos and garlic to make a mixture of it with hot pepper sauce and liquid soap. And this works better when mixed with enough water. Apply it on the infected areas and see the magic. You will see that your pets will not get hurt because of the odor your pets will not go any closure and it will repel rodents and other pests.

    So, you can use these things to kill the pests and remove them entirely form your house without harming your family members and pets.

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